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Color matching of curtains

Classic color matching


Log + White: simple

If you like the dignified and meticulous simplicity, then the safe white and log color is undoubtedly the best choice, mild as spring breeze, calm as leisurely Lake surface, at the same time, natural and casual, free and free, more harmonious space, and style and style, reflecting the user's taste and accomplishment, in the limited. Space creates its own personality, and life will have more unexpected pleasures.

Black + white + grey: Classic

If you like the simple and elegant European style, you can choose Gothic and Mediterranean furniture, and this simple style, it is bound to be black or gray as the main color。 Black and white can create a strong visual effect, blending the grey popular after 2010 into it, alleviating the sense of visual conflict between black and white。 This space is full of cool modern and future sense, rational, orderly and professional。

Blue + White: warmth

Blue gives people a sense of calmness and nobility. Jazz has a long history. People who are infatuated with it think of it as "blues". Not all sapphire sapphire, but the finishing touch, really activated life, so that kitchen life has a dynamic, and blue tone helps to create a quiet atmosphere, with blue decoration kitchen effect is better. According to color psychology, seeing blue is more emotionally stable and more rational. The white cool and flawless make people feel very free and open-minded. The living space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature with the same color of the sea and the sky.

Blue + Orange: Modern

The combination of blue and orange colors reflects the interaction between modern and traditional, ancient and modern, and collides with the visual feeling of both reality and retro-ancient flavor. These two colors give space a new life.

Natural yellow + Green: Nature

Goose yellow is a fresh and tender color, representing the joy of new life。 Fruit green is a tone that makes people feel calm and can neutralize the light of yellow。 This color matching method is very suitable for young couples。

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