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Curtain control mode


There are four ways of working for users to choose:

1. Some users like to use the control mode of work, that is, setting the switch time on the main controller, opening time in the morning, curtain slowly open, closing time in the evening, curtain automatically closed. Temporarily open or close, just use the remote control, gently press the "open" or "close" button.

2。 Semi-automatic manual control: Semi-automatic manual control is when the curtain is opened or closed, just press the stop key, and the curtain stops immediately。

3. Intelligent brightness control: The opening or closing of curtains is an automatic control completed by the main controller through testing the brightness of the environment. "Closing at night, opening at daybreak" has an intelligent management mode, and does not produce wrong actions.

4. manual control: use the infrared remote control to directly control the opening or closing of the window. Because the control is completed manually, it becomes manual control, that is to say, manual control executes motor forward, reverse and stop.


Auxiliary function

Around the above four working modes, the remote control electric curtain machine also has several auxiliary functions for users to choose, which are introduced as follows:

A. ambient brightness self adaptation:

According to the different lighting conditions in the user's room and the location of the curtain controller, the brightness requirement of the curtain that the user needs to close or open automatically is also different. The machine specially sets the automatic function of environmental brightness for the user. The user can set the environmental brightness level to adjust according to the need, so as to make the closing or opening of the intelligent light-controlled curtain more intelligent and humane.

B. remote control electric curtain machine work sound prompt:

When the motor works in the positive and reverse state, the digital tube has corresponding working state display. When the sound function is turned on, it can also send out the sound prompt. When the user sets the function, when the motor closes or opens the curtain, the controller sends out a "beep" sound prompt, which is more interesting and practical.

Sound prompt has another function: full-time alarm function, when users set this function according to their preferences, every day between 7 a。m。 and 22 p。m。, every time to the whole point, the corresponding time prompt sound will be reported according to the time at that time。

C. working status memory:

All data input by users and various working conditions of the settings are automatically stored in memory, without fear of power outage, and the data are always saved in the case of power outage.

D。 query current status:

At any time, the user can query the working mode and state of the current controller. For example, query environment brightness coefficient.

E. motor automatic protection:

When the curtain is opened or closed, if the foreign matter affects the operation, the motor will automatically cut off the electricity. In addition, the remote control electric curtain machine also has the characteristics of high security and stability: the product uses 12 volts voltage, which is safe and reliable. It has the advantages of high sensitivity and strong anti-interference. The machine has reliable operation and long service life. Located in the indoor area of more than 20 meters, the curtain switch can be remotely controlled. The operation is simple and convenient, and the remote controller can control the switch of multiple curtains at the same time.

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