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Curtain development

    The development of curtains has undergone many changes. The most obvious changes are reflected in the material of curtains. At first, windows were only used to cut or leave very rough holes in the walls and ceilings or skylight openings in Indian conical tents. Their basic use was limited to ventilation. These openings were often covered by fabrics of wild animals'fur or grass. Veterinary fur and mat are the earliest forms of curtain, and because of the beauty of mat, this kind of window decoration has been circulated so far, in the summer of the south, there are families hanging mat curtains to cool them.


When Cai Lun invented the paper in Han Dynasty, people began to use paper as a cover for windows. The windows in ancient China are all pasted with window paper. The windows are very small and dense. One is to guard against theft. The other is that the windows are too big and the window paper is easy to be broken by the wind.

This kind of paper-pasted lattice window is very common in northern dwellings. The paper that pastes the window is called sorghum paper. It is white and has certain thickness and toughness. It is not easy to break unless it is destroyed intentionally.

After the appearance of cloth art in the Song Dynasty, people used it as window decoration because of its rich patterns and light, deducing the curtains of various customs。 Cloth curtain is divided into cotton yarn, polyester, polyester-cotton blending, cotton-linen blending and so on。 Different materials, textures, colors, patterns and so on are combined to form different styles of cloth curtain, which cooperates with different styles of interior design。 That's why even today, people still like to use cloth as curtain。

In modern times, due to the development of science and technology, the material of curtain has developed by leaps and bounds。 Curtains made of aluminium alloy, wood chips and non-woven fabrics have appeared。 These curtains are collectively called simple curtains。 With the progress of science and technology and the development of flame retardant technology, curtains with various functions are constantly emerging。 Generally speaking, they are flame retardant and energy-saving。 All kinds of curtains, such as sound absorption, sound insulation, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, dust-proof, anti-static, alarm, lighting, and multi-functional curtains with the above functions。

In modern times, due to the change of consumer's aesthetics and the gradual strengthening of environmental protection consciousness, curtains not only reflect the expression of a room, but also reflect the taste and interest of the host's life. A simple and elegant curtain can add flowers to the living room. In addition to decorative functions, the material, function and comfort of curtains are closely related to our health and life. Therefore, more and more thermal insulation curtains, anti-ultraviolet curtains and modern simple style curtains have been sought after by consumers and white-collar workers.

Today, curtains coexist with our space, changing styles, functional uses are refined to any place of use. European-style, Korean-style, Chinese-style, Japanese-style, heat insulation curtain, anti-ultraviolet curtain, one-way perspective curtain, rolling curtain, sun shade, sound insulation curtain, ceiling curtain, curtain, louver, Roman curtain, wooden curtain, bamboo curtain, metal curtain, organ curtain, water wave curtain, vertical moving curtain, electric curtain, manual curtain.

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