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RM850 electric stage lifter

1. The three-phase asynchronous AC motor is used in the lifting curtain system of the electric stage, which is stable, convenient to use and safe and reliable. It is equipped with double-outlet turbine scroll rod and reducer, and the lifting speed can be adjusted according to the need.

2. According to the needs of performances, many stage curtains need to be opened and closed vertically, and its convenience is particularly important. Special motors with automatic functions and built-in overheating protection device can be used to lift, drop and stop at will, which has quiet operation and convenient debugging. High-power motors can provide powerful power after deceleration and lift up to jacks of curtain.

3. For 0.75KW motor, 300 KG screen can be driven, 1.5KW motor can drive 500 KG screen, 2.2KWd motor can drive 700 KG screen. Customers can choose different power motors according to the actual situation. The maximum product stroke is 8m-12m, and the curtain can be controlled at any height through the controller.


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